Our Story

Noah and Gavin launched 'creams' in 2023. What started as a fun personal project to prototype a slide sandal that could be worn to a nice lunch without killing the mood turned into a full fledged business when enough people began to ask for a pair.
The design process for 'creams' took nearly 2 years. Countless prototypes were cast aside for being too hard, too soft, the wrong proportions for the vamp (shoe construction lingo) or a handful of other problems. It slowly became an obsession, but the result speaks for itself. A soft shoe that molds to your feet after a bit of wear like a little league baseball glove.
Rather than being just 'another slide sandal' or 'Croc knockoff', 'creams' was made to be something entirely different from the rest. With the texture of a soft leather loafer, but the construction of a soft athletic sandal. 
As Floridians, it was important that the shoe could be as versatile as possible. It was crafted with materials made for the ocean, the sand, or the pavement. Many customers say it's the perfect vacation shoe because it's the only one they need to bring.
So, the story of 'creams' is still unfolding, but with a growing online following and excitement building, a happy ending is in sight.